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Welcome all. Nice to see the follow ups.

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Friday: Conclusion

We concluded the course

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Thursday: Presentations from groups continued

Learning events presented in class for the two days are:

  • Digital photo management (my group)
  • How to make tutorial films
  • Scratch
  • Using Ning as a social network
  • Waste management
  • Nature and philosophy
  • Learning chinese language
  • Creative thinking
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Wednesday: presentation of Learning Events

Learning Event: Management of Digital photographs.

My group presented first in class. Irene and Dan did the presentation and illustrations. We later engaged the class and showed them details. We were using picassa as a photo management tool. The class was given an exercise and we(the group) had sent them web picassa albums which they dowloaded and started editing. The task was

  • Open your gmail
  • Open mail from Iryn
  • Download pictures toPICASA
  • Classify them into two classes (One having your personal”ME only” pictures and the other friends pictures)
  • Upload to picasa web albums
  • Add tags and captions
  • Try to retrieve one particular picture
  • Make a collage and a map of friends’ photos
  • Link album in your blog

The group ably made it and on time. We later had feedback both the positive and negative. And we are working towards improving on the negative.

The other Learning events presented include the following

  • How to make tutorial films
  • Scratch
  • Using Ning as a social network
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Pecha Kucha

Tuesday was presentation day for pecha kucha presentations to the entire summer school.

Here is our presentation for the pecha kucha

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Learning event continued

On Monday, the 12th we continued with our learning event OPAC. However, we changed it to “Management of Digital photographs” because we wanted to be involved in a more digital tool to be used to manage picture collections in the library.

We prepared for the event and started on the Pecha kucha which we were supposed to present the following day to the entire summer school.

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Learning Event

Topic : Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)


1. Define OPAC and show an example of an OPAC

2. Show a video demonstrating how to use the OPAC

3. Give an exercise

4. Expect Feed back

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Mind mapping

A trial for using

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HTML learning. Day nine

A trial for HTML coding

  • Chinese
  • Ugandans
    1. Paletine
    2. Zambia

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      Day eight in LATINA: The video

      Today, the 7th of July 2010, we had a video session and in our group we did a video entitled Misbehavior in student’s kitchen. Here is the video.

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